Machinima: Derendered

Well, it has been almost a week since the first screening of DerenderedTHE most colourful machinima ever from Randt & Hoisan Productions.

There was poetry, there was the screening, there was music, party and laughter. There was joy 😀


Lucky me got to participate as an extra once again so I did have an inkling of what lay ahead. But as always the actual machinima exceeded all expectations. It’s beautiful, it’s rich, it’s artistic, it’s no less then love of life.


But it’s not the ’suck it up and deal with it‘-kind of living. It’s the ‚I ain’t taking your bullshit anymore‘-way. The message is clear: Fiercely protect beauty and kindness and wipe away all that is ugly, presumptuous and downright evil. Surround yourself with friends who make you stronger!


In a virtual world that’s just as easily done as said: ‚Derender, I say. Begone!‘ And that’s what you do. Nobody could have put it into words more playfully or heartfelt than Karima Hoisan. She once again speaks simple truths that are so hard to come by — with complete ease of a true poet. I guess, I’m a fan, Karima 😀


Of course a machinima is more than the sum of its parts: a poem put into pictures, pictures made to move. Its Natascha Randt’s artist’s eye, her courageous wielding of camera and lights that make all the difference between a simple video recording and this piece of art. Way to go, Nat!


I know I am boasting, but I’ve got to tell you: I love being part of these collaborations between the two of them, even when all I ever do is show up with a costume and hop on a pose ball 😉


What’s the bottom line of all this? Be kind, treasure your friends, love the hell out of life and — just derender all that which is trying to keep you away from the good things.

„If only it where as easy in real life,“ you say? Well, try it! It might just work 😉


And here it is:


A Special Screening of „Derendered“(with extras!) Saturday 12 noon slt

Es ist soweit! Das bunteste Machinima ever von Nat&Karima hat Premiere! Am Samstag, 07.10.2017

Nicht verpassen! 😀

Digital Rabbit Hole

Derendered PosterFaboo poster by Natascha Randt

Hi friends, family and cast members…this is for you!
Saturday, October 7th, Nat and I have planned a little special screening for you all.
On set, on our home sim, LINC Island, we invite you to:
1. 12:00slt-12:30: Hear a short poetry reading by Karima on stream (20-30 minutes)
2. 12:30-12:40: Hear Nat’s introduction to the screening of our latest film in voice.
3.12:40: The Presentation of our 24th bouncing-baby film,

4. 12:45- until the moon comes outand the stars fadeCelebrating Nat’s 10th Rez Day!
*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *     *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
I will be spinning  a wild playlist of Hippie Nostalgia mixed with Heavy Metal (a nod to Nat:) and there will be DANCING!
Hippie dress is encouraged but not…

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Peace and cats

Einer der besten Liebesfilme ist, bleibt und wird immer sein Casablanca,  mit Humphrey Bogart und Ingrid Bergmann in den Hauptrollen. In den irrsinnigsten, gefährlichsten, bedrückendsten Zeiten bleibt uns immer noch Paris das, was uns mit geliebten Menschen verbindet.

Das werden die Schurken dieser Welt nie begreifen.

Here’s looking at you, kid.

Here's looking at you, kid.

Cafégemurmel — Murmur at Joeys Café

So. 2017 is already nine days old. Better get this season started!

Joeys Café is open

By the way, did you know it’s Joey’s in English, but Joeys — without apostrophy — in German? In fact, if you put it there anyway, this is called a „Deppenapostroph“ — a dork’s apostrophy. We do not want to be dorks. Right? Right.


Joeys Café is a great place to come sit and talk or have fun or even write. For it is a writers‘ café, isn’t it? Come and check out all the possibilities to put or omit apostrophies and other peculiar characters.

Or, if you’re so inclined, tell yourself or even others some of your quirkiest secrets — nobody will hear them for they’re all busy murmuring away and keeping up with their own lives … Go check it out 😉

Open 24/7