Worlds Rising: Rebellion – Chapter 1

Heya, peeps! My SF novel ‚Worlds Rising: Rebellion‘ is back! Better, faster, bigger and prettier of course 😉 And what’s even more exciting: I also started translating it into English for you! So, if you like, follow me along as the first book of Worlds Rising: Rebellion unravelles — chapter by chapter — here on Joey’s Café.

In response

Nat posted this article the other day (or shall we say ‚rant‘, a bit of sarcasm there, anyways 😉 ) and before I knew it this year’s Thanksgiving group gift from Dench Design flew into my inventory, and now I know why Nat took her picture like she did 🙂 So here I am, waving back […]

In A Heartbeat

[continued from here] Can’t lose him, can’t let him get away with my phone, Brandon kept telling himself in a frantic rhythm with his footfalls. The kid was way ahead of him now, weaving in and out of colorful flashes of blinding neon lights. More than once he thought he’d lost sight of him just […]


#Shorty [continued from here] Brandon was totally freaked out. Though it looked nothing out of the ordinary, this place was weird as hell, what with everybody being so darned secretive while making ominous remarks. He wasn’t having any of it anymore. He was getting out of here – now! The bartender was just approaching him, […]