A Spacers Holidays – Part 2

The SL Sci-Fi Convention 2015 – time to meet, greet and enjoy. Time to geek out! \o/

Are you a Trekker? Does your heart beat for the Firefly? Or is it a Blade Runner universe you seek? There’s something there for everyone. Whatever you do – don’t miss the Convention Tour onboard the LSI-Colibri.

TAXI: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New%20Vegas/226/178/24

Up, up we go, and out, out — to the stars!

Sci Fi-Event 2015_002

Don’t worry, you can’t get lost in space — the tour is completely automated. It is absolutely safe …

Sci-Fi Event 2015_017

Wait … what in the world is that?

Sci-Fi Event 2015_019

Asteroids! They’re EVERYWHERE!

‘Red alert – hull breach. Red alert – hull breach. Red al…’

We’re doooomed!

SciFi-Event 2015_005

Grab my hand! Hold on! Don’t let go!

SciFi-Event 2015_006

NOOO …!!!

SciFi-Event 2015_016

“Let’s go and see the stars, the Milky Way or even Mars … Flyyy awaaay … Yeah, yeah, YEAH!”

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