Birthday Girl

Well, well, well! It takes a lady to celebrate in style. And Karima Hoisan is just that: thoughtful poet, gracious, welcoming, fun to be around. When she called out to friends, neighbors and total strangers to come and celebrate her birthday with her — everyone got dressed up to paaaaaaartay!

Live music with Dallas Winslet and RoseDrop Rust — both talented with most captivating voices –, poetry, dancing away, chatting with fun people. Who could ask for more?!

Karis Birthday_002
Dallas Winslet rocking the place
Karis Birthday_005
Shake it!
Karis Birthday_015
Grande Dame and The Court
Karis Birthday_018
RoseDrop Rust doing the Blues

Karis Birthday_024

Feeling the Blues? Care to Tango away the night? It’s all there at:

Kari’s Bar and Dance at New Toulouse


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  1. Wow Joey what a great post and honestly a total surprise. You got some wonderful shots (Yes I love the whole line-up too!) Thank you for sharing these and thank you for your warm and loving friendship!

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