Scare Me-Challenge: Day 1!

Today’s the day … Nat’s photo-challenge Scare Me! is starting and here goes!



Basically everything I am wearing comes from my inventory. The only new item is the *TSL* Puncture Teeth for 0 L$

The wings come from a *Free Set of 6 Wings* (which is actually 12 sets because they come in big and small) by Abranimations. But try as I might, I couldn’t find the wings on the marketplace. So if you are interested, maybe look in their inworld store or ask Abranamelin Wolfe directly 🙂

The hair *SHAKIRA* (in snow and black) was a group gift from EMO-tions and may still be available.

Eyes: *Inkheart* Winter Fantasy – Snow for 1 L$: see on marketplace

Necklace: BD-.:Rock-Bunker:. gift  for 0 L$see on marketplace

My tattoo *Cross* is also a gift from BD-.:Rock-Bunker:. for 0 L$ from : see on marketplace

The eye make-up was an (exclusive?) gift from the Hair Fair 2015: Joss 01 by Zibska.

The dress was a hunt item from ^v^DRBC^v^, it’s now 110 L$ on the marketplace: see on marketplace

( Just to round things up: The face scratches were already in my inventory. The come from ::Wretch:: and are for sale on the marketplace for 49 L$.)

UPDATES – yay!

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