Scare Me-Challenge: Day 2!

HoooOOOhhhhoooooohh …

Day 2_005

What’s with this fog around the village tonight? And what is it I see hovering there by the little stream? It’s a fine lady, fading away and she looks so sad …
But beware!

Don’t come too close! She might not approve …

Oh no — too late!

Day 2_006

Sooo — it’s day 2 of Nat’s Scare Me-Challenge and this is my entry: A Japanese Ghost Story.

Location: Milarepa, Little Yoshiwara – Bakumatsu Period Japan


Witches Night Kimono: 10 L$

Uh-oh … I lose! The Year of The Dragon Fan – White is 1 L$, too, so I spent 11 L$ instead of only 10 L$ — should have checked beforehand 😦

Evocative Eyes – Hungry Vampyre from Lapointe&BastChild Designs0 L$ gift (no group required)

Not in the pictures, but I had them with me and just in case you are interested: Blackburns Samurai Assassin Swords Bow Arrow Hud & Hat incl. Action HUD: 0 L$

Hair: ::: B@R ::: Black Cat : Updo by B@re Rose: 0 L$ group gift

The ChiChickie! Ceramic Flower Hair Sticks were a 0 L$ gift in 2014, only I can’t remember where I got them.

Well, well, well, now that I blew this one by exceeding the 10 L$-limit I better try extra hard tomorrow! I won’t make it that easy for you again 😉


Uh-oh, whatever you do — on your way to witches‘ sabbat try to avoid Nat’s route. Just take my word for it!

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