Scare Me-Challenge – Day 4!


Day 4_008

And now what? I’m stuck! Can you believe this?

Gosh, I knew it. Soon as I turn my back, everything just goes right to hell — err, back to earth. Look, here, even Nat ran into undead … well … somethings!

Listen here, you lousy imitation of a rotten scythe, I AM YOUR MISTRESSS! Not the other way around, geez!

Day 4_009

I’ve — got –to … ARRGH!

Who are YOU looking at? You think this is funny? Just you wait. As soon as I get this sorted out … You know, deadlines in my appointment book can be reschedueled just like that!


Day 4_013

Okay, gotta hurry now …

Location: TBF Mesh Dungeon Maze & Alchemy Lab, from my inventory, on the marketplace for 10 L$

Scythe: Blackburns Flying Scythe Rider, 0 L§

Outfit: MI960511 MI Stahma Hooded Gown With Hair, transferable was a gift from a friend 🙂

Skin: Lumae :: Niska – Varda – Lady Death, group gift by Lumae

Earrings: Allure Mirror – Earrings Skull (gift halloween), hunt item, I forgot which one, sorry

Necklace: XOPH Vert Necklaces, also a hunt item

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