P(A)rt of Creation

Karima posted this on her blog about a week ago:

She and Dale created yet another amazingly beautiful world and called it ‘Creation’ — which is an understatement at that!


I took a few pictures, but to post them here would be spoiling all the fun. Rather than doing that, I absolutely encourage you to go see for yourself:

grid.kitely.com:8002:Creation 3

For German speakers: Nat hat hier schon darüber gebloggt, guck selbst! 🙂

Digital Rabbit Hole

Better Creation Welcomet_006I am so happy to announce that our (a joint building/scripting project with Dale Innis) is here to experience!
I don’t want to say too much about it, because you should just ride it and live it yourself. It is a 3D media-enriched world on Kitely,  a real journey and it is my #16th!

My world page gives you a bit more information and also the way to get in:
Creation- on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand
For you Hyper-gridders it is: grid.kitely.com:8002:Creation 3
I will include here another teaser photo and also the inspiration for making this world:

Snprimahot_001Here I am, praying with the yoga frogs! Can you see me?

The background for building this world is included in a notecard at the Landing Point.
It says: Why This World?

I was in Jordan a few months back and I had a dream.
I was talking to someone…

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    1. My pleasure, Karima 🙂 The title is what came to mind seeing how my avatar became an integral part of the scenery. Fantastic!


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