Happy 2nd day of the year!

I mean, who’s to say we can only celebrate one New Year’s Day. The new year is still very much around, isn’t it?

So, I woke up this morning to the beat of a steady bass drum in my head. (And no, it’s not what you think, it’s not the little green people that live on the bottom of champagne bottles. They don’t do that anymore after I told them off last time!) No headache, no cold, just a very insistent Boom Boom Boom! Loud enough to make hearing my own thoughts difficult. Very distracting.

Right before that I had some very annoying nightmares. Not your average monstery, fly-or-die kind of nightmare, not even the kind where you sit naked in the class room and realize you’re about to take a math test though you haven’t picked up a study book in ages.

Well, sort of like that, though. My dream boils down to me not knowing what is going on around me, having no control and hurting people because of it. So, dearest subconsciuosness of mine — what are you trying to tell me, huh?

Having no control over my life is a fact that I thought I’d come to terms with by now. I mean, seriously, control is an illusion. Not even a very desirable one, is it? Think about it, if you were the one to decide on every step of the way, every turn, every outcome until the very end — how predictable. How utterly boring!

So, no, I don’t mind my life taking unexpected turns now and then. What I do mind is causing harm to others unintentionally. I don’t want that. (Intentionally neither, duh!) Considering that my subconsciousness works with a gazillion more information than the logical portion of my brain I should probably take this seriously. There might be something cooking that needs taking care of. Joey’s New Year’s Resolution No. 1: getting to the bottom of this dream!

Just in case: Who ever I might have hurt by being clueless me — I am truly sorry!

Aside from that, despite just having established the fact that there is no control over life, I’ll go ahead and announce the return of Worlds Rising on January 10th. The Rebellion goes on!

Happy 2020!

2 thoughts on “Happy 2nd day of the year!

  1. What? What?
    First of all, I wish you a Happy and Healthy and Creative New Year!

    Dreams can be really weird. Sometimes, I think, they are like little holes into another dimension or something like that.
    Btw. a dream about sitting naked in a class room, realizing you’re about to take a math test though you haven’t picked up a study book in ages.
    That’s so hilarious, I can’t get this picture out of my mind …
    I mean, I know what you mean, but … but … really … hahahahahaha … 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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