About Joey

Welcome to Joey’s blog home 🙂

Joey is the nickname I chose when I first came to Second Life in search of virtual readings and writing groups as a SL starter avatar dude in 2014. Don’t even ask why because the truth has long been lost in time, but somehow I came up with the username joeytwoshoes.resident.

Yes, I was too late for last names, alas!

To make things worse, I only found out later there already was a gamer who goes by the name Joey Twoshoes. Because I couldn’t change my username, I at least changed my display name to what it is today, Joey.

It was only a natural step forward to also make it my pen name: Joey Schaefers.

Exploring the thoughts and emotions of other beings has always been what fascinates me most about writing (and reading). So, nowadays, I like to immerse myself in all kinds of different avatars inworld, regardless of gender, age, skin color or species.

This blog, Joey’s Café started out as a place where I posted about Second Life related things like inworld readings, events, fun and odd stuff. I also found this to be the right place to upload the occasional short or serial story in English, which is the language that connects most of us avatars with backgrounds from all around the globe.

I’ve always been struggling with the concept of having two online personas: an “official” author’s homepage and the “just for fun” SL page. Because really, where to draw the line? Both are me, and whether I write my stories in English or German hardly matters in that respect. Thus, I will be moving my ‘books’ pages to this site and give you the whole picture of Joey, writer, here on Joey’s Café.

If you like my content you can buy me a coffee at ko-fi.com:

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It’s much appreciated 🙂 ❤

Love and peace,

#BlackLivesMatter, (c) Joey SL 2020

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