About Joey

Welcome to my second blog home 🙂

Joey is my Second Life nickname. It started out after a series of trials and errors and, most of all, because it took me a tiny little while to get the hang of my second life…

Joey actually started her virtual life as a SL starter avatar dude in 2014. Don’t even ask why, because the truth has long been lost in time, but somehow I came up with the username joeytwoshoes.resident.

Yes, I was too late for last names, alas!

To make things worse, I only later found out there already was a gamer who goes by the name Joey Twoshoes. Because I couldn’t change my username, I at least changed my display name to what it is today: Joey.

Nowadays, I like to wear all kinds of different avatars regardless of gender, skin color or species. I take pictures, hang out with friends and enjoy the cultural life of SL.

On this blog, Joey’s Café I post about Second Life related things like readings, events, fun and odd stuff and the occasional short or serial story.

See you around!

Joey avatar and café, (c) Joey SL 2019

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