It was Nat’s 11th Rezday!

Yesterday, actually, so … sorry, you weren’t there?? o.O Here’s what happened: There was a sort of steampunkish, pumucklish (sorry, again, to any english reader: there is no translation to that) get-together with a rather small, but illustrious crowd: HAPPY REZDAY, NAAAT!!! once again (can’t have too many of those!)

Kids these days

Psst, I know a secret, but I won’t tell 😉 *) Anyway, if you’re wondering why Nat has been somewhat regressing back to childhood, maybe you should be keeping an eye out for announcements at her blog. Just sayin‘ … For the time being Natipedia will keep you posted on German Äppelwoi traditions: What is […]

Torben Asp in Joeys Café

On very, VERY short notice the very talented and fun Torben Asp agreed to play live at Joeys Café yesterday evening (well, actually noonish for Torben, I guess). Instead of a reading by Ann-Kathrin Karschnick who couldn’t make it due to RL, there was electronic music of the finest sort. One hour of very enjoyable, dancable electronic […]