Torben Asp in Joeys Café

On very, VERY short notice the very talented and fun Torben Asp agreed to play live at Joeys Café yesterday evening (well, actually noonish for Torben, I guess). Instead of a reading by Ann-Kathrin Karschnick who couldn’t make it due to RL, there was electronic music of the finest sort.

Torben Asp in Joeys Café

One hour of very enjoyable, dancable electronic music for everybody to enjoy. Whether you were a toaster ( 😉 ):

Torben Asp in Joeys Café

or a Tiny:

Torben Asp in Joeys Café

We’ll be glad to have you back anytime, Torben! 😀

Of course, things had been a little hectic that day as everything was set for a reading in an italian reastaurant. I do have to admit I felt sorry breaking the set which Nat, Ito and I had had so much fun setting up. Simply clearing the stage for Torben wouldn’t do so there was a quick change in seating and other details.

Torben Asp in Joeys Café

Also Karima was right there when I frantically called for help: logging in immediately and arranging the details with Torben (as in building rights and streaming).

Frankly — I couldn’t have done it without you, Nat, Ito and Karima!


So once more: Here’s to friendship — be it inworld or off. HUGSSS!

Torben Asp in Joeys Café

Cafégemurmel — Murmur at Joeys Café

So. 2017 is already nine days old. Better get this season started!

Joeys Café is open

By the way, did you know it’s Joey’s in English, but Joeys — without apostrophy — in German? In fact, if you put it there anyway, this is called a „Deppenapostroph“ — a dork’s apostrophy. We do not want to be dorks. Right? Right.


Joeys Café is a great place to come sit and talk or have fun or even write. For it is a writers‘ café, isn’t it? Come and check out all the possibilities to put or omit apostrophies and other peculiar characters.

Or, if you’re so inclined, tell yourself or even others some of your quirkiest secrets — nobody will hear them for they’re all busy murmuring away and keeping up with their own lives … Go check it out 😉

Open 24/7