In A Heartbeat

[continued from here] Can’t lose him, can’t let him get away with my phone, Brandon kept telling himself in a frantic rhythm with his footfalls. The kid was way ahead of him now, weaving in and out of colorful flashes of blinding neon lights. More than once he thought he’d lost sight of him just […]


#Shorty [continued from here] Brandon was totally freaked out. Though it looked nothing out of the ordinary, this place was weird as hell, what with everybody being so darned secretive while making ominous remarks. He wasn’t having any of it anymore. He was getting out of here – now! The bartender was just approaching him, […]

A Trip in the Dark

#Shorty [continued from here] Kari’s Bar and Dance said the sign on the entrance door. The place looked decent enough, so Brandon decided to take a chance and stepped in. At this time of day and year there wasn’t much of a crowd. A couple was dancing intimately in a dimly lit corner, on the […]

Shit Happens

#Shorty Brandon had known there had to have been a downside to it when Luigi sent him to this shady neighborhood in the middle of the night. He’d driven for miles and miles, nearly missing the right exit altogether. Then — right after he’d finally made it through the tunnel — the darned truck broke […]

Halloween 2015 – Das Event

Jaaa, liebe Zuschauer zuhause und an den Bildschirmen, das war ja gestern ein fulminanter Auftakt zu den diesjährigen Halloween-Festspielen. Wie sich das für eine so weltenumspannende Feier gehört, fanden die Eröffnungsveranstaltungen auf gleich mehreren Bühnen statt. Die Eröffnungsfeier fand in Barloks wunderbar herbstlich-morbide gestalteter Skybox über dem Kreativdorf statt. Hier erwartete uns eine Modenschau der exquisiten Art: Natascha Randts Scare-Me! […]

Scare Me-Challenge – Day 6!

Wait, wait, waaa-it … What’s all the hurry, guys? Really … Relax, for cryin‘ out loud. Sheesh, look at ‚em. All a-flurry and a-hastin‘ … Cool it, guys, we got tiiime … — Well, I don’t know about this Vampire bat, but I am in sort of a hurry here. Only one week to Halloween, my […]