Seba Sideways is Back! @ The New Kari’s Kantina del Mar

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Digital Rabbit Hole:
Poster by Menubar Memorial I’m posting a very special invitation today…Come to my newly remodeled Kantina and welcome a very well-known and loved performer back to Second Life. Seba Sideways, who is from Argentina, and has been away about……8 years??!! Well a long long time and he…

Machinima: Derendered

Well, it has been almost a week since the first screening of Derendered — THE most colourful machinima ever from Randt & Hoisan Productions. There was poetry, there was the screening, there was music, party and laughter. There was joy 😀 Lucky me got to participate as an extra once again so I did have […]

Out To Sea

Karima Hoisan not only is a poet through and through, she is also a world builder — with a little help from a friend, Dale Innis 🙂 The other day I strolled around Karima’s world All My Boats that she and Dale have created on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand. Inspired by her poem […]

Mardi Gras at Kari’s

First comes the parade then comes the party … Yesterday, I managed to catch the very last minutes of the first of two Mardi Gras parades held in New Toulouse, this one ending right next to Kari’s Bar and Dance where everybody was invited to a Krewe de Zombies Last minute Life Show with the fantastic Hogman (awesome singer!) and dance, dance, […]

THE TEAM: Chasing A Butterfly

Chasing A Butterfly They did it again! Natascha Randt and Karima Hoisan aka THE TEAM made another film for the 2015 UWA machinima challenge. It’s their 17th collabroation in filmmaking — wow! And this time we really lucked out because it nearly wouldn’t have happened. But they took turns in luring their respective donkeys with the perfect carrot […]